FOI Research Team Publishes Final Report

The FOI Research Team released the final paper to document the results of this research project. Entitled “Increasing People’s Access to Procurement Information Through the FOI Program: Assessing Bottlenecks, Gaps and Opportunities”, this research paper assesses how effective and efficient is using the FOI program of the Philippine government to access public contracting data. FeaturingContinue reading “FOI Research Team Publishes Final Report”

FOI Research Team Publishes AID FOI Tool

The FOI Research Team, in collaboration with the FOI Project Management Office of the Government of the Philippines, released the latest version of the Assessing Information Disclosure Practices for FOI Compliance (AID-FOI) Tool. The tool, developed with funding support from HIVOS, is used to assess whether the conditions within an agency are appropriate for FOIContinue reading “FOI Research Team Publishes AID FOI Tool”

How is the Philippines’ Department of Health providing access to contracting data?

As the main health agency in the Philippines, DOH is responsible for making quality basic health services available to every Filipino. It is also mandated to enforce standards and regulations in the provision of health goods and services. Although health services were devolved with the passage of the Local Government Code in 1991, DOH remainsContinue reading “How is the Philippines’ Department of Health providing access to contracting data?”

FOI Research Team Presents in Annual FOI Summit

To celebrate the the third year of implementation of the Executive Order operationalizing the Freedom of Information (FOI) Program, the FOI – Project Management Office (FOI-PMO) held its annual FREEDOM OF INFORMATION SUMMIT with the theme,“Weaving the Narrative of Good Governance and Public Participation through Access to Information.”  The summit was held at Manila Peninsula Hotel onContinue reading “FOI Research Team Presents in Annual FOI Summit”

FOI Research Team Attends Data Security Training

Step Up Research Manager, Jean Celeste Paredes, and FOI-Research Associate attends the Outcome Harvesting Workshop and Data Security training organized by HIVOS last October 15-17, 2019 at the Bellevue Hotel, Ortigas.  She was joined by FOI-Research partner from the Freedom of Information Project Management Office, Ms. Michelle Manza. The activity is part of the series of activitiesContinue reading “FOI Research Team Attends Data Security Training”

103 National Government Agencies Apply the AID-FOI Tool

The Assessing Information Disclosure Practices For FOI Compliance, otherwise known as the AID-FOI tool was developed through the FOI Research Project in coordination with the FOI Project Management Office (FOI-PMO) of the Philippine government. Since July 2019, the FOI-PMO has been actively orientating the national government agencies, state universities and colleges, government-owned and controlled corporationsContinue reading “103 National Government Agencies Apply the AID-FOI Tool”

Research Team Conducts Validation Workshop with Pilot Agencies

The research team conducted a validation workshop with pilot agencies for the FOI Research Project last June 14 2019 at the B Hotel in Quezon City. The validation workshop intended to discuss the findings of the fieldwork that was conducted over the month of May to early June 2019 that sought to capture data managementContinue reading “Research Team Conducts Validation Workshop with Pilot Agencies”

FOI Research Lead Presents Initial Findings at the FOI MidYear Conference

Michael Canares, FOI Research Lead presents the initial findings of the FOI research in the 2019 FOI Midyear Conference held at Jen Hotel, Manila, on 26 June 2019. He presented the findings in a session entitled “Increasing People’s Access to Information: Assessing Bottlenecks, Identifying Gaps, and Forecasting Opportunities”. He was joined by the following speakers:Continue reading “FOI Research Lead Presents Initial Findings at the FOI MidYear Conference”

Team Conducts Research Planning with PCOO

The FOI Research Team conducts forward planning with the FOI Project Management Office of the PCOO in order to define questions of interest, select agencies where the case study approach will be implemented, and assign tasks for fieldwork. The forward planning was conducted last March 2019 at Astoria Greenbelt, Makati, Philippines. As a result, theContinue reading “Team Conducts Research Planning with PCOO”