103 National Government Agencies Apply the AID-FOI Tool

DIscussions during the AID-FOI Tool Rollout. (Photo Courtesy of PCOO)

The Assessing Information Disclosure Practices For FOI Compliance, otherwise known as the AID-FOI tool was developed through the FOI Research Project in coordination with the FOI Project Management Office (FOI-PMO) of the Philippine government. Since July 2019, the FOI-PMO has been actively orientating the national government agencies, state universities and colleges, government-owned and controlled corporations (GOCCs) and local water districts on how to use the tool in assessing their systems, values, and practices in information disclosure to help them strategize better in the implementation of FOI.

Mr. Michael Canares, research lead of the FOI Research Project was very pleased with the most recent outcome where 103 government agencies have already submitted the AID-FOI tool. FOI-PMO staff reported that the agencies appreciated the tool because it allows them to identify weaknesses in their data disclosure practices that they need to improve or strengthen in order to ensure successful FOI implementation.

The FOI-PMO will continue to advocate for the use of the tool and monitor submission in the upcoming months. The results will also be analysed by the research team to inform the research report which will be presented in the first quarter of 2020.

For the draft copy of the AID-FOI tool, please click on this link – https://foiresearchcom.files.wordpress.com/2019/10/aid-foi-tool-first-roll-out-draft.pdf

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