Research Team Conducts Validation Workshop with Pilot Agencies

The research team conducted a validation workshop with pilot agencies for the FOI Research Project last June 14 2019 at the B Hotel in Quezon City. The validation workshop intended to discuss the findings of the fieldwork that was conducted over the month of May to early June 2019 that sought to capture data management practices of the three departments selected for this study – the Department of Public Works and Highways, Department of Health, and Department of Transportation.

The workshop also intended to field-test the Assessing Information Disclosure Practices for FOI Compliance (AID-FOI) tool that was developed by the research team to be able to understand better information disclosure practices of national government agencies as a way of assessing gaps in performance as well as identifying potential areas for strengthening.

The workshop was attended by the FOI teams of the three agencies as well as by representatives of the FOI Project Management Office of the PCOO.

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